I am having an incredibly hard time picking what games are important to me. The games i want are Mario Galaxy 2, UFC 2010, Red Dead Redemption, and Blur. The all come out within a week of each other, and my birthday is the week after they all come out.

I cant decide which i want, this is how i feel about them:

Mario Galaxy 2: Definitely buying this one, i cant pass up a Mario game, plus i need to start playing my Wii again.

UFC 2010: I absolutely loved 2009, and my friends and i play it competively when we see each other, so this is an almost certain buy.

Red Dead: Looks insanely awesome, but i have a feeling this one will be the one that can wait.

Blur: Really addictive, my friends and i are having a blast with the demo. I am so completely sick of MW2, and i have a feeling this game MAY replace MW2, so if thats the case i will want to get it to play with friends.

I just need financial advice. I havent bought a game this year besides Fifa 10 the first week of January. Also Crackdown 2 comes out in July.