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    The FFX thread.

    Just started replaying this with my emulator, bored on playing it on ps2

    Just finished Besaid Island, played time 7 hours (Tidus know's blizz ace now )

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    Re: The FFX thread.

    I played that on ps2 before. How do you get an emulator? Is it legal to use?

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    Re: The FFX thread.

    As long as you own a ps2, you can dump the bios to run it through an emulator and this is considered legal. It would be illegal if you pirated the bios and used it with an emulator as you are not entitled to it by not having the actual console

    I play FFX on and off. I haven't found it as capturing as FFVII or FFVIII. But slowly I'm getting through the game

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    Re: The FFX thread.

    [off-topic] I liked FFX a lot because it was one of the FFs with a plot with deep romantic tones. After playing FFVII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, I'm kinda used to the idea that FFs come along with some sort of romantic plot, which is probably why I felt that FFXII and FFXIII were lacking.

    I'm never touching FFX again though, my save file on it already has 100+ hours and my entire party is perfect. I was in the middle of a FFVIII re-play, but then I bought the Atelier Iris series and am now working on that. [/off-topic]


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