As I was snowed in for the whole weekend, I played this game nonstop for 3 days straight and fell in love with it. The campaign runs like a huge movie (not the traditional "stop-and-go" cutscenes), the game itself is so challenging (and going commando Arnold/CS style will definitely get you killed REALLY soon), and the environmental interaction is amazing.

I am dying for the next game of this series. I want to know what happened to the Russians. I want to know what happened to SOAP!!!! Isn't he like the most kick-arse video game protagonist ever? Jim Raynor, you have to take a backseat on this one.

The game got so much balls to try new things. I mean, you play a character for 50% of the game, you don't expect him to die. (apparently that was also true in modern warfare1) Playing as a massacring terrorist is the funnest thing I had done in a while (yes, I am sadistic)

(PS: pole- who actually skipped that mission for moral reasons?)