Had my first proper go on STO tonight and I'm currently at earth space station.

There seems to be an awful lot of information to digest and it reminded me very much of the start of Champions Online, then 'course I remembered it's made by the same people.

It's at this point I get annoyed with myself because I'm a lazy git if I allow myself to be. Achievements, bridge officers, weapon arrays etc etc, I see all these NPCs with this seemingly important stuff to learn right now and I sink a bit in my seat. As a trekkie I want to like the game and even though it was always going to disappoint (nothing short of actually going on the Enterprise/Voyager would satisfy me) I'm going to stick with it, despite the barrage of information.

Anyway, here's my ship the USS Sanctuary. I can't customise it, even though I spent 15 mins doing so until I realised I had no money. Pity as it was looking damn fine.

Who else is playing STO? I know we gave Pals keys to the open beta so any of you been trying it out.