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Thread: Tekken 6

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    Tekken 6

    Anyone else here play it? I got it for the ps3 a little over a week ago and feel I'm getting my *** kicked slightly less now :P

    Yoshimitsu all the way for me! I read he's a lot harder to play than the rest, but I've been playing him since tekken 3 and love every bit of it!

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    Re: Tekken 6

    I have no talent for fighting games. I played them for about several months back in high school, including Tekken, DoA, KoF, SC, some others. I tried to read up on strategies, worked up on my wake-up game, etc.

    In the end I learned I suck big time at fighters and that the only thing I am good at is button mashing. :(

    I know this has nothing to do with Tekken 6, but Tekken 4 was the last fighter I seriously tried to conquer before giving up entirely.

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    Re: Tekken 6

    Quote Originally Posted by omgwtfbbqpwned View Post
    In the end I learned I suck big time at fighters and that the only thing I am good at is button mashing. :(
    but that's how you learn.... if you can remember what buttons you are hitting. hehe, im serious!!! i have done this many times and if i see that i do something that is totally awesome/taking health, i keep pushing the same buttons! XD (when i played SSBB for the first time about a year or so ago, i was Pikachu (for personal reasons such as nickname purposes) and i kept making him do the lightning strike. XD it was great. )

    if it helps, Tekken 6 has some CRAZY combos for some of the ppl (i want to say all of the fighters have 100+ moves you can do, ranging from simple to complex to how-the-hell-do-i-do-that! moves) (imo) and i can only do a few of them when i played with Mara a couple of times.


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