This is an impulse buy for me in a few days. I was originally going to get New Super Mario Bros Wii, but my girlfriend and i had a blast with the demo for L4D2, so thats where my money will go.

I played the original Left 4 Dead earlier this year, and i thought it was alright. I played online with one friend who isnt any fun playing coop games with at all, so i had an average experience. I was let down by the game and got bored after a few days. I downloaded the demo to give the second one a shot (since i live right near Savannah i figured this one might interest me), and my girlfriend tried it with me and she actually enjoyed it a lot, and i had a blast playing it with her. So i re-bought L4D1, we played the hell out of that the past 2 weeks, and now im getting L4D2 in a few days.

Only problem i have with L4D2 is that its basically an expansion pack marked as a sequel. It plays exactly the same way the first one did, plus new campaign, some new weapons, new characters, and thats it. L4D1 came out not even a year ago, and they are already making a sequel. That is just milking money out of the fans. Hopefully it wont turn into Guitar Hero, where everyone loved it, but they made so many people could care less anymore.