Wow, I'm amazed as how much trolling got into this topic!! The guy posts a genuine topic about a game that IS diablo-like and IS getting much attention lately (much more than most past diablo-clones) and just gets bashed by almost everyone on the first page... and obviously every single one of the trolls didn't have a clue about what they were talking about... ridiculous.

I just searched about borderlands on the forums because I've been tracking this game for some time and wondered if there was already some talk about it here. So let's stop with the clueless wondering if it has anything to do with Diablo, because it DOES, and talk about the game and diii similarities / differences please?

Someone has mentioned that is hoping for this game to be everything that Hellgate wasn't (it's really the first Hellgate clone). I'm also hoping for this, but Hellgate's major flaws were in the inexistent lore, silly/repetitive quests and lack of art change (in 3 hours you couldn't stand any more gray exploding barrels and brown boxes, but they kept with you forever, all the time). Borderland's has not yet shown that it'll address those issues. For me, it's just as promising as Hellgate was before launch (okay maybe a bit less because Hellgate had the BlizzNorth guys), only now I have a past experience that demands that I try it (very much) before I buy it.

I really like what I saw until now though. One interesting piece I just saw in a video was how the PvP goes. You hit your friend with a melee atack and, if he hits you back shortly, you duel and there are boundaries, like an arena. There's also other types of multiplayer besides co-op and PvP duels.