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Home Forums Off-Topic Stupid Tech Scenes in TV Movies

This topic contains 4 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of webzbiz843 webzbiz843 9 months ago.

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    I once saw a episode of 24 where we are introduced to the “geek” of the dept, course hes a socially backward weirdo like all technical people are on TV, who gets angry at even the most reasonable request to do anything.

    He then vomited out load of technical nonsense that was pure bullshit if I remember rightly.

    He had two LCDS on his desk, which were displaying made up meaningless technical looking diagnostic graphics, that look impressive, but in reality is just something the shows graphics team knocked up too look good.

    “hey hes got loads of flashy graphs and command prompts on his desk he must be a technical expert”

    But the funny thing was, rather than having the desktop extended across both LCDz which is the whole fucking point in having two screens in most circumstances.

    The screens were set to duplication, which means he just had the EXACT same made up garbage on both screens that were right next to each other. I found this funny because it meant the people who ran the show, knew fuck all about computers.

    Another funny scene was in the Larry Sanders show someone was typing into a computer, the computer had its back to the viewer and you could clearly see the back of the PC and there was NO POWER CORD connected! 😀

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    Profile photo of Paul Younger
    Paul Younger

    I think just about every movie or TV show is guilty of this now. I just tend to ignore it. The again when you look back at Star Trek there was a lot of tech in that which we actually have now. Bit yeh, techno garbage on screens can be quite funny.

    Admin and PC Gamer Extraordinaire!

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    Profile photo of lazerbeak

    Star Trek TNG never completely made stuff up they had a team of experts to make sure things were not too far fetched. FYI TNG is only Star Trek I have pretty much watched all of.

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    Profile photo of Peter Parrish
    Peter Parrish

    I’m always delighted to see made-up games in shows where they obviously haven’t bothered (or wanted to spend the money on) licensing an actual game.

    I was watching “Men of a Certain Age” (pretty sure it was that anyway,) and one of the guy’s kids was ‘playing’ what may well have been a mid-90s tech demo belonging to one of the show’s production staff. It was some amazingly low-polygon first person shooter.

    Later on in the season the same kids were playing a real game (I forget what) on an actual console. Somebody must have had a word.

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    Profile photo of webzbiz843

    Rubbish to watch such type of scenes.. I don’t like such movies.


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