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Lionhead staff to be laid-off following release of Fable: The Journey

Lionhead Studios is to lay-off a number of staff following the release of Fable: The Journey. 

By John Robertson | 17 Oct 2012 | Comments Off

Dishonored is year’s biggest new IP, but Fifa 13 still top of chart

Fifa 13 is top of the UK chart for a third week in a row, with Bethesda’s Dishonored sitting in the runner up spot.

By John Robertson | 15 Oct 2012 | Comments Off

Fable: The Journey [Interview] – Albion in first-person

When it was first announced at E3 2011, Fable: The Journey split the gaming community at large.

By John Robertson | 4 Oct 2012 | Comments Off

Fable: The Journey demo now on Xbox Live

Microsoft has released a demo for the Lionhead’s Kinect centric Fable: The Journey.

By John Robertson | 17 Sep 2012 | Comments Off

Sample the trip with Fable: The Journey’s September demo

Microsoft has announced that a demo for the definitely-not-on-rails (according to the departed Peter Molyneux) Fable: The Journey will magically appear on Xbox Live from 17 September.

By Peter Parrish | 17 Aug 2012 | 1

Lionhead explains why Project Milo was scrapped and Fable: The Journey was started

Remember Lionhead’s Project Milo? The Kinect project which showed the user interacting with a little boy on screen that was demonstrated during the 2009 Microsoft E3 press conference?

By John Robertson | 24 Jul 2012 | Comments Off

Fable: The Journey is biggest Fable ever, first playthrough will take 30 hours

Lionhead are working hard to laid rest to the idea that Fable: The Journey is a casual, throwaway Kinect title.

By John Robertson | 17 Jul 2012 | 3