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IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #155

Exciting times for the IncGamers Podcast this week as we record while Gabe Newell is doing his rescheduled Reddit AMA (here’s the good stuff from that).

By Peter Parrish | 5 Mar 2014 | 3

TRION’s End of Nations looks like it’s been canned – We doubt it will appear again

As spotted by a vigilant Redditor, any mention of TRION’s MOBA End of Nations has now vanished from their website.

By Paul Younger | 4 Mar 2014 | 1

IncGamers Podcast #129

In this week’s scintillating podcast, the team investigates the true meaning behind Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s buzzword gameplay styles.

By Peter Parrish | 28 Aug 2013 | 1

TRION shuts down San Diego studio

Earlier today TRION appointed Scott Hartsman as the new CEO and this evening TRION has confirmed they are shutting down their San Diego studio which includes teams working on Defiance and End of Nations.

By Paul Younger | 9 Aug 2013 | Comments Off

End of waiting: End of Nations enters invite-only alpha

Are you looking forward to End of Nations, now that it’s been rejigged is an MMO/MOBA/RTS thing?

By Tim McDonald | 17 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

MOBA-lising units: End of Nations resurfaces as a MOBA RTS

TRION’s End of Nations slipped off the radar following it’s move from developer Petroglyph to an in-house team at TRION.

By Paul Younger | 12 Jul 2013 | 1

Petroglyph conclude all work on End of Nations – 19 jobs go

Following news that End of nations development moved in-house to TRION, and stories last week of jobs going at developer Petroglyph, a statement has been issued by Petroglyph confirming that 19 positions have been let go.

By Paul Younger | 10 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

End of Nations development “full steam ahead” and moved in-house to TRION

Earlier today it was revealed via twitter that some staff at Petroglyph were let go but there was no reason given and there was some concern about the future of the online RTS.

By Paul Younger | 6 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

Layoffs at End of Nations developer Petroglyph

Last month Petroglyph and TRION announced they were to discontinue beta testing their online RTS End of Nations  to add “polish and improvement” to the game.

By Paul Younger | 5 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

End of Nations Beta postponed for “polish and improvement”, players refunded

TRION and Petroglyph have been testing their online RTS End of Nations for a number of months now but it appears they have run into a few problems and have decide to postpone the open beta test.

By Paul Younger | 28 Nov 2012 | Comments Off

Fourth and final End of Nations closed beta coming in October

Trion has announced the final closed beta session dates for Petroglyph’s MMORTS title End of Nations.

By Peter Parrish | 19 Sep 2012 | Comments Off

End of Nations devs talk backstory [Video]

In the latest developer video update from Petroglyph for their online RTS End of Nations, they discuss the game’s backstory and the the factions that will make you want to take down the enemy no matter which side you choose.

By Paul Younger | 25 Jul 2012 | Comments Off