E3 2013

With ‘definite maybes’ on four high-profile titles, Peter wonders why publishers won’t just commit to low risk PC releases.
EA and Victory games hope to reboot the classic Command & Conquer franchise with free to play and flashy visuals.
Dark Solder II, a game about having to fuse together two pieces of metal in an unlit room under intense pressure.
E3 veteran Deirdre Hollis took to the 2013 show floor, only to find it emptier, less varied and dominated by the console twins.
Roman around with Total War.
It's still not clear how The Boss becomes the Commander-in-Chief, but it may involve dubstep.
The E3 trailers that stood out conveying the message of "play me now". We pick the best of the bunch.

Now for some shots from the E3 2013 show floor

E3 2013 show pics galore. Look what you missed!

Mo’ money, mo’ problems: PayDay 2 screens show shooting

When heists go wrong, 2013 edition.
Tim talks whipping, biting, bondage, and Hammer Horror in this "special" preview written after 14 straight hours of E3 coverage.

Hats off to them: Fez 2 announced

Polytron's puzzler getting a sequel sometime soon, judging by this teaser trailer.

Trueballs in your face: PES 2014 E3 trailer reveals the sass of M.A.S.S.

The new E3 2013 PES 2014 trailer shows off fancy-dan football skills and Konami's motion animation system.
MICHAEL BAY IS DOING GHOST RECON?! Who thought THAT was a good idea?
What’s yours is mine, but I’m not sure I want it.
The IncGamers Podcast welcomes special guest Deirdre Hollis, fresh from E3 2013, for an hour of news, views and baseless speculation from the showfloor.

Arma 3 beta launches 25 June

Not long now until soldiering begins in the Arma 3 beta test.
Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg...

Metal Gear Troll-id: Kojima vaguely optimistic on PC Metal Gear Solid 5, maybe

They're making a PC version. I think. Maybe. I don't know.

Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2013: Operation Nightmare Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic adds more features in the 2.2 update. Watch the new trailer now...