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Dreamfall Chapters: Book Two – Rebels Review

Dreamfall Chapters is not like other episodic games, it seems. Other than the fact that I’m now two episodes in (or Books, or whatever) and yet I’ve played for 11 hours, there’s the fact that it’s got puzzles.

By Tim McDonald | 20 Mar 2015 | 0

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two opens in March

The second part of Dreamfall Chapters will be opening its pages to you in March, Red Thread Games has revealed.

By Tim McDonald | 19 Feb 2015 | Comments Off

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two coming when it’s coming

Red Thread Games aren’t offering any more details on when we can expect the next part of Dreamfall Chapters, barring that it’s still in the pipeline.

By Tim McDonald | 19 Dec 2014 | 1

Dreamfall Chapters: Book Two gets announcement trailer

In a shock twist, the trailer for Dreamfall Chapters: Book Two manages to not completely spoil either Book One or itself.

By Tim McDonald | 26 Nov 2014 | 1

Dreamfall Chapters gets story recap, performance boost

Red Thread Games have updated Dreamfall Chapters with two of the most requested things.

By Tim McDonald | 31 Oct 2014 | Comments Off

GeDoSaTo expands Unity support, can downsample Dreamfall Chapters

If you’ve read Tim’s review of Dreamfall Chapters: Book One you’ll know the game looks rather magnificent in parts, and you may wish to downsample to play it in even higher resolutions.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Oct 2014 | Comments Off

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One Review

Sorry, everyone, but I’m going to have to drop into melodrama and feelings for a little bit.

By Tim McDonald | 22 Oct 2014 | 3

Dreamfall Chapters out now

Let loose the fireworks: Dreamfall Chapters has just hit Steam.
Following a delay of what turned out to be about five hours, Book One of Dreamfall Chapters is now available, with the remaining Books to follow in 2015.

By Tim McDonald | 21 Oct 2014 | 3

IncGamers Podcast #186

This week on the IncGamers Podcast, there’s delight as Dark Souls makes moves to drop Games for Windows Live and embrace Steamworks in a big warm hug.

By Peter Parrish | 21 Oct 2014 | 2

Dreamfall Chapters delayed very very slightly

Dreamfall Chapters is out today! Except it might not be. It’s a bit hard to say.

By Tim McDonald | 21 Oct 2014 | 7

Dreamfall Chapters dated for October, says new video

The first part of Dreamfall Chapters – Reborn – will be launching on 21 October, according to an announcement released alongside a video and some screens.

By Tim McDonald | 3 Oct 2014 | Comments Off

Dreamfall Chapters to be episodic, releases Reborn trailer

If you missed the 27 June update on the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter page, the latest from the game is that it’ll be an episodic release.

By Peter Parrish | 1 Jul 2014 | Comments Off

Dreamfall Chapters granted Norwegian Film Institute funding

Reader Anbear sends us word that Dreamfall Chapters has secured additional funding from the Norwegian Film Institute.

By Peter Parrish | 16 May 2014 | Comments Off

Enjoy 30 minutes of Dreamfall Chapters with commentary

Red Thread Games have been quiet for a while but they’ve just released thirty minutes of footage with commentary for their new adventure sequel Dreamfall Chapters.

By Paul Younger | 9 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

Dreams, falling: PayPal freezes Dreamfall Chapters funding

PayPal is doing their best to garner as much positive press as possible right now, by… oh.

By Tim McDonald | 11 Sep 2013 | 4

Dreamfall Chapters, Death Inc, Battle Worlds: Kronos get Greenlight

There’s a great mix of new titles which have just been given the Steam Greenlight thanks to gamers voting on Steam.

By Paul Younger | 17 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Dreamfall Chapters surpasses $1 million on Kickstarter

Well ahead of schedule, Red Thread Games has now surpassed $1 million in Kickstarter funding for Dreamfall Chapters.

By Paul Younger | 22 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Dreamfall Chapters unveils the cyberpunk city of Europolis

In today’s shiny Dreamfall Chapters update, the team introduces the cyberpunk city-state of Europolis, which is described in the accompanying video as “the rotting corpse” of Europe.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Feb 2013 | Comments Off