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Win a copy of the Dead Island: Epidemic beta

There’s a ton of MOBA’s out there but there’s only one ZOMBA and that’s Stunlock Studios’ Dead Island: Epidemic.

By Paul Younger | 21 Apr 2014 | 21

Dead Island: Epidemic beta sign-ups live

Deep Silver and Bloodline Champions developer Stunlock Studios recently announced Dead Island: Epidemic and it’s not a MOBA – it’s a ZOMBA.

By Paul Younger | 25 Aug 2013 | Comments Off

Zomba party: Deep Silver show more of their Dead Island: Epidemic MOBA

I have to admit when Dead Island: Epidemic was announced I was completely unexcited because it’s just another PC MOBA title, but this time with zombies.

By Paul Younger | 21 Aug 2013 | Comments Off

No more room in hell: Dead Island: Epidemic teased

We normally frown on pre-announcement announcements, but Deep Silver’s Dead Island: Epidemic announcement actually has more than “we’ll tell you about our new game soon.” A little more than that, anyway.

By Tim McDonald | 7 Aug 2013 | 1