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Sallying forth: Citadels released on Steam

Well, that happened quietly. With nary a hint nor a squeak of any pre-release reviews, Citadels has magically appeared on Steam.

By Peter Parrish | 26 Jul 2013 | 3

Causing Havok: Citadels “making of” talks physics, catapults and heroes

I’ve watched so many Citadels “making of” trailers full of talk about nothing but walls that I’d completely forgotten that it’s supposed to be a game based on Arthurian legend.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Towers of power: It’s the second Citadels “Making Of” trailer

I’m not going to lie to you. This second installment of the Citadels “making of” trailer series is not exactly thrilling.

By Peter Parrish | 11 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Building blocks: Citadels Making Of video talks economy

Games Distillery has released a Making Of video talking about how resources and the economy works in their forthcoming castle builder, Citadels.

By Tim McDonald | 4 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

First Citadels screenshots released

The  real-time strategy Citadels was announced last year and today we have a first look at some shots of the game from bitComposer and Games Distillery.

By Paul Younger | 25 Feb 2013 | 1

Round-Table Strategy: Citadels promises new take on Arthurian legend

Eastern Europe sure seems to like King Arthur. The Hungarian-based developer NeoCore has released a pair of RPG-strategy hybrids starring the mythological British king, and now Games Distillery (located in Bratislava, Slovakia) will be releasing a real-time strategy title featuring the monarch in the “first half” of 2013.

By Peter Parrish | 28 Nov 2012 | Comments Off