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Beta Tests

Free to play FPS S.K.I.L.L.- Special Force 2 comes to Europe

Gameforge are set to publish the online FPS S.K.I.L.L.- Special Force 2 here in Europe.

16 May 2013 | 2

EA opening L.A DICE studio for Star Wars games

Following the multi-year licensing deal with Disney to create games based on the Star Wars license, EA has revealed that a new DICE studio will be opening in L.A.

15 May 2013 | 1

Infinite Crisis closed beta starts next week

Turbine and Warner will be launching the closed beta for their DC Comics inspired MOBA title Infinite Crisis.

1 May 2013 | 2

Firefall open beta date now set for July

Red 5 Studios are ready to swing open the doors on the the open beta for Firefall,  the jet-pack fuelled MMO shooter.

18 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes Beta Key Giveaway

IncGamers has teamed up with Gazillion for Marvel Heroes giving you the chance to take part in the beta test between Friday April 19th until Sunday April 21st.

16 Apr 2013 | 21

Carbine get beta underway for their MMO Wildstar – Sign-up now

Carbine Studios and NCSoft have been firing out closed beta invites for their upcoming MMO Wildstar and at the same time launched the main beta sign-up page on the Wildstar site.

11 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Vostok Games opens Survarium alpha testing applications

Developer Vostok Games has opened alpha testing registrations for their free to play FPS Survarium.

4 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Defiance final beta test dated

TRION are gearing up for the final beta test of their sci-fi MMO Defiance which launched on 2 April.

13 Mar 2013 | Comments Off

Second Neverwinter beta coming tomorrow

The second beta test for Perfect World’s MMO Neverwinter will get underway tomorrow, 8 March.

7 Mar 2013 | Comments Off

Heroes & Generals open Beta launches

Square Enix and Reto-Moto have announced that the open beta for their free to play WWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals has now launched and you can jump right in and play for free.

1 Mar 2013 | Comments Off

Pre-order Trials Evolution Gold and access the closed beta now

The closed beta for Trials Evolution Gold is now underway and Ubisoft are encouraging gamers to pre-order  the game between now and 14 March by offering them a spot on the test.

1 Mar 2013 | Comments Off

Ecol Tactics Online beta key giveaway

It’s time for another beta key giveaway here on IncGamers and we’re giving you the chance to take part in the beta for Ecol Tactics Online.

28 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Extra Warframe beta keys for you!

The Warframe beta keys have been flying out and we ran out earlier today which was bad news for you guys.

31 Jan 2013 | Comments Off

Second Defiance weekend date announced

TRION are back with another beta weekend for their sci-fi shooter Defiance on 8 February.

29 Jan 2013 | Comments Off

More Warframe beta keys added – Get one now!

Last week we posted beta keys for Digital Extremes’ third person free to play space shooter/RPG Warframe and they have been going like hotcakes.

22 Jan 2013 | 2

Firefall public Beta testing starts on Friday

Red 5 Studios is about to open up the beta test to one and all for their MMO FPS.

22 Jan 2013 | 1

Sim City Beta registrations – Testing begins 25 January

The Sim City beta test will be starting on 25 January and budding city builders can sign-up now.

18 Jan 2013 | 2

Get your Warframe beta keys now in our giveaway

There’s a game called Warframe that many of you have probably never heard of, it has slipped under a lot of gamer’s radars.

14 Jan 2013 | 7

HAWKEN open beta is now live

HAWKEN didn’t quite make a final release this month following a delay but the open beta is now live for budding shooter and mech gamers.

13 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

Guns and Robots Beta Key Giveaway

Time for another Beta key giveaway as we team up with Masthead Studios to giveaway keys for Guns and Robots, their arena based robot combat title with customisable characters and a vast array of weaponry.

7 Dec 2012 | Comments Off