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Babel Rising (2)

Massive erection: Babel Rising footage [Video]

Ubisoft has released a fresh dose of Godly anger on the eve of Babel Rising’s launch. The game is available from 13 June on Xbox Live Arcade (800 MS Points) and from 14 June on PlayStation Network (£8 GBP). In it, you play as a wrathful god (is there any other kind in videogames?) who must smite the arrogant Babylonians and crush their ambitions of erecting a mighty tower to the heavens.

The title makes use of motion controls, so that means Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Move for the PlayStation version. It’s playable in local co-op too, so if you happen to live next door to another god you can invite them to play with you.

Watch man’s dreams go up in dust, below.