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Arma 3’s Marksmen DLC shoots onto Steam

The Arma 3 Marksmen DLC, and its associated free platform update, have taken up firing positions on Steam.

By Tim McDonald | 8 Apr 2015 | 0

Arma 3’s Marksmen DLC coming 8 April

Man-shooting simulator Arma 3 will be getting its infantry-focused Marksmen DLC – as well as a free platform update – on 8 April.

By Tim McDonald | 19 Mar 2015 | Comments Off

Arma 3 is free to play this weekend

If you fancy giving soldier sim Arma 3 a try without paying for it, you can do so on Steam this weekend.

By Tim McDonald | 23 Oct 2014 | 2

Arma 3’s Helicopters DLC dated for November

Arma 3‘s second piece of premium DLC, Arma 3 Helicopters, will be lifting off on 4 November.

By Tim McDonald | 25 Sep 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3 update takes you back to Bootcamp

Bohemia Interactive have released their latest free update for Arma 3, which takes players back to Bootcamp.

By Tim McDonald | 14 Jul 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3 dev Bohemia donates one million Czech koruna to charity

One million Czech koruna made from sales of the Arma 3 Karts DLC is being donated to the Czech Red Cross.

By Tim McDonald | 24 Jun 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3’s Kart Racing joke becomes real DLC

Bohemia’s April Fools joke turned reality DLC, Arma 3 Karts is released today at a budget price.

By Peter Parrish | 29 May 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3 to get DLC, expansions, and free stuff

Bohemia have outlined their 2014-2015 “roadmap” for Arma 3, and it includes a whole lot of new content.

By Tim McDonald | 1 May 2014 | Comments Off

Latest Arma 3 Community Guide focuses on how to become Zeus

Dslyecxi has turned his attention to the Zeus mode in his latest Arma 3 Community Guide video.

By Tim McDonald | 24 Apr 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3’s Zeus DLC out now, offers you UNLIMITED POWER

Arma 3‘s Zeus DLC, giving you the chance to play gamesmaster in the game’s multiplayer mode, has been released for free.

By Tim McDonald | 10 Apr 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3 Community Guide talks guerrilla warfare

Bohemia Interactive and the perpetually impossible-to-spell Dslyecxi have released another community guide video, offering you some tips and tricks on your Arma 3 play.

By Tim McDonald | 27 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3’s final campaign episode launched

Bohemia Interactive have released the third and final episode of the Arma 3 campaign.

By Tim McDonald | 20 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3’s final campaign episode coming next week

Bohemia Interactive have announced that the third and final campaign episode for Arma 3 – named, simply, “Win” – will be hitting the interwebs on 20 March.

By Tim McDonald | 11 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3’s Alpha Anniversary celebrated with tanks

Apparently, today marks the one year anniversary of Arma 3‘s alpha hitting Steam.

By Tim McDonald | 5 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3 gets Zeus DLC trailer – Control the battlefield

Bohemia Interactive are set to release the ARMA 3 Zeus DLC some time in the second quarter of this year bringing more free content to players of the military sim.

By Paul Younger | 13 Feb 2014 | Comments Off

Latest Arma 3 Community Guide explains how to pull off an air assault

The latest Arma 3 Community Guide from font-of-virtual-warfare-knowledge Dslyecxi (Andrew Gluck) details how to pull off a successful air assault via helicopter.

By Tim McDonald | 6 Feb 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3’s second campaign episode, Adapt, released

Bohemia Interactive have released Adapt, the second episode of Arma 3‘s campaign.

By Tim McDonald | 21 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

Arma 3 in VR demonstrated with the Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith are back with a new demonstration of their VR treadmill, the Cyberlith Virtualizer.

By Paul Younger | 19 Dec 2013 | 1