About IncGamers

What is IncGamers

IncGamers is a dedicated PC-only video game network delivering top quality PC gaming content.

When was IncGamers founded?

The site was founded in 2007.

Who are the people at IncGamers?

All staff at IncGamers are dedicated PC gamers and all have at least 15 years videogame industry experience each.

What are the goals of this site?

Provide PC gamers with factual and useful information to help them make informed purchasing decisions on games yet to be released.   Also to bring news and opinion on released games and industry developments.

What makes IncGamers different from other videogame websites?

All opinions on the games we cover are based on actual gameplay, played on our own systems with no time pressure or limitations. IncGamers’ readers are given genuine opinions based on extended gameplay.

What about game reviews? How do you handle those?

Game reviews are a tough nut to crack and more often than not the reviews on other websites are based on just a few hours gameplay.  IncGamers does not believe that is enough for a reviewer to give a full and useful opinion of a game that will best serve the gamer.  IncGamers complete the game they are reviewing, unless it is an open-ended game such as an MMO.

What are IncGamers community sites?

Our history is long and we’ve built strong dedicated PC gaming communities around IncGamers, some of which have been serving those communities with the same community managers for 17 years. We were the first people to start the concept of videogame “fansites” back in 1996 so we know what we’re doing. We’ve scooped awards for our “fansites” from outfits such as IGN and other publications.

Why should PC gamers read IncGamers?

IncGamers content is 100% PC, we don’t pass off console articles as PC articles, all our coverage is hands-on and PC only. This site is dedicated to all PC gamers!