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IncGamers Podcast #174
This week: Everything Dota 2 and International 4, Areal's Putin-powered Kickstarter suspended, Unrest and Gods Will Be Watching.

Latest PC Game News

BlackStone: Magic and Steel Released

Xicat Interactive has announced that BlackStone: Magic and Steel, has shipped and is now on US shop shelves.

Space Empires: Starfury Announced

Shrapnel Games has announced the next title in Malfador Machinations’  Space Empires series, Space Empires: Starfury.

Allegiance Source Code Released

Allegiance was one of the most underrated games of recent times and perhaps a little ahead of its time which unfortunately meant it never really took off.

Hitman: Contracts Gold

Eidos have announced that its stealth action title Hitman: Contracts, developed by IO Interactive, has gone gold for the PS2, Xbox and PC.

Coloured DS for North America

Nintendo will introduce the first colour DS to the North American market in June and this baby will be electric blue.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Available

In a short an to the point press release, Rockstar Games, has revealed that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Xbox and for the PC has now shipped to North American retailers.

Air Command 3.0 Review

A few months ago there was a show on TV which took a look at the job of air traffic controller.

Homeworld Cataclysm Review

You can forget Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. In my opinion the best RTS title of 1999 was Relic’s Homeworld.

Airport Inc Review

Out of the blue a CD pops through the door from Take 2.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Review

Age of Empires II was a smash hit, capturing the hearts of RTS gamers everywhere, so to keep the game alive, Ensemble Studios have released this expansion pack entitled Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors offering a whole load of new Age of Empire goodies.Although The Conquerors is called an expansion pack, there are a few changes to the original game included, not only do you get 5 new races to play about with, there are also subtle enhancements to the civilizations and gameplay from it’s predecessor Age of Kings.The game comes with 5 new civilizations, the Spanish, Koreans, Huns, Mayans and Aztecs and as you would expect each with it’s own unique ‘special’ units.

Blair Witch Project: Volume 1 Review

You’ve seen the film, soaked up all the hype and now you can get a slice of Blair Witch action on your PC courtesy of Terminal Reality.

Colin Mcrae Rally 2 Review

Without a doubt Colin McRae Rally was the most realistic and enjoyable Rally game of recent years, the car handling was superb, the course design was well thought out and the whole game had a real feel of authenticity.

Championship Manager 3 Review

Back in the mid eighties we all huddled round our little Spectrums and bashed away at the fleshy keys trying to get our favorite team to the top of the league in the popular game of the time, Football Manager.

Combat Flight Sim 2 Review

Its been quite some time since a Pacific WWII flight sim has been released, in fact the last similar game I sat down and played for embarrassingly long lengths of time was Microprose’s Pacific Air War.

Half Life Blue Shift

Half Life is just such an excellent game, there’s no doubt about that.

Microsoft Train Sim Review

It had to happen really, no getting away from the fact that there are probably enough train buffs in the UK to sell this title by the truck-load.

Black and White Review

Most anticipated game of the year? Well probably. The gaming world has been waiting for the release of Black & White for what seems like an eternity and on the 6th of this month the shiny boxes arrived on the shelves of game retailers across the land.

Max Payne Review

Bring on the Payne!! That seems to be the message gamers are sending with the latest sales data for the action game, Max Payne.

Mystery of the Druids Review

Adventure games almost seem like a thing of the past these days with shooters and strategy title dominating the charts.

Operation Flashpoint Review

Games are becoming more realistic with every release as game developers strive for the ultimate immersive experience.

Clive Barker’s Undying Review

Undying comes to us from Electronic Arts and the master of terror, Clive Barker.

Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Review

Red Alert is back! Westwood’s long running Red Alert series has just got a new addition to the family in Yuri’s Revenge, the new expansion pack for their well received Red Alert sequel.Yuri’ Revenge continues the story where Red Alert2 left off but with a bit of twist.

Shattered Galaxy Review

Shattered Galaxy is a massively multiplayer RTS from the relatively unknown Korean game developer, Nexon.

Throne of Darkness Review

One of the greatest gaming phenomenon has to be the Diablo series from Blizzard, Diablo II sold by the truck-load as has the expansion pack Lord of Destruction.

Codename Ootbreak Review

Codename Outbreak, originally called Venom, by Russian developers GSC Gameworlds has been in development for some time so when the game popped through the door we were eager to see how this tactical action shooter shaped up.

Red Faction Review

Red Faction! Those two words had a lot of first-person shooter fans drooling with anticipation due to the promise of fully destructive environments with its Geo-Mod technology.

Rogue Spear Black Thorn Review

Most fans of the stealth shooter genre will at some point have checked out the Rogue Spear series, the original Rainbow Six pretty much lead the way for some of the more popular stealth shooters we know and love today.

Silent Hunter II Review

Over the past couple of weeks we have been putting Ubisoft’s U-boat sim Silent Hunter 2 through it’s paces diving to murky depths around the globe.

Zoo Tycoon Review

Another Tycoon title is upon us, this time from Blue Fang and Microsoft, entitled Zoo Tycoon.

Commanche 4 Review

The fourth installment of Comanche is now upon us and it’s like greeting an old buddy you haven’t seen in a while.
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