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January 27, 2015

Victory Command 5v5 strategy resurrected by Petroglyph

Victory Command 5v5 strategy resurrected by Petroglyph

Two years ago ago Petroglyph launched a Kickstarter for Victory which was cancelled and now it’s back with a slightly new name. Back in 2013 Petroglyph attempted to Kickstart a new RTS project called Victory and they were…

September 11, 2014

Star Trek: Alien Domain promises Trek strategy action

Another Star Trek game has been revealed but will this be any good? There’s not been many decent Star Trek games, the best ones are still the Interplay adventures. Trek is such a massive franchise so…

June 5, 2013

Rise of Venice announced for strategy buffs

Kalypso are set to join the historical strategy club with a new game called Rise of Venice which they plan to release some time in Q3 this year. Set in Renaissance Europe, players will be…

December 17, 2012

Best Strategy 2012 – Readers’ Vote

It’s been an interesting year for strategy releases, with plenty of titles that have impressed. But which one was the Best strategy game? If moving units around or plotting your way to a medieval throne…