star wars: battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront outlines Blast mode (it’s TDM)

Today’s teased announcement of a new multiplayer game mode in Star Wars: Battlefront has proved to be a little bit underwhelming, as Blast Mode is basically just Team Deathmatch.

But hey, you need your sturdy workhorse modes just as much as the flashy, new innovative ones. The 10 vs 10 format (with the winner being first to 100 kills, or the team ahead after 10 minutes is up) is about as straightforward as it gets, but you’d notice if it were missing.

Blast maps in Star Wars: Battlefront are said to be smaller in size than some of the other modes, in order to increase the number of times players will be bumping into (and shooting) one another. There are said to be “interior levels on Endor or Sullust” as well as “Tatooine’s dusty canyons” (reported to feature a fair bit of verticality,) and a map “inside the Ice Caves on Hoth.”

Maps for Blast won’t just be cut-down versions from larger modes, you can expect some tailoring specific to Team Deathmatch – as well as changes in lighting, time of day, and other cosmetic changes.

Weapon pick-ups will be “strewn across the map,” and will prove quite important as there are no vehicles or heroes present in this particular mode of play.

supercharged robot vulkaiser

Humble Bundle is turning Japanese, again

I’ve already made a joke about a Humble Bundle turning Japanese, but I never pass up a chance to reference The Vapors, so…

Humble Weekly Bundle: Games From Japan offers, as you might expect, seven games from the Land of the Rising Sun. Paying $1 nets you fighting game Vanguard Princess (along with the Hilda Rize and Lilith DLC), 70s-anime-inspired shmup Supercharged Robot VULKAISER, and the special edition of RPG/puzzle game 99 Spirits.

Moving up to the Beat the Average tier (currently $6.37) tacks on cutesy action-RPG Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, doujin JRPG The Sacred Tears TRUE, and NEO AQUARIUM – The King of Crustaceans, a “competitive 3D shooting game” in which you control lobsters, crabs, and barnacles. No, really.

Finally, paying $10 throws in a copy of the console war-spoofing JRPG Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1.

Does this sound like your sort of thing? Then click here to buy this latest Humble Bundle.

Arma 3 trailer goes over the development history of Tanoa

Arma 3 trailer goes over the development history of Tanoa

More background discussion and future expansion plans from the chaps at Bohemia are compiled in this latest Arma 3 video. It goes into a fair bit of the development history of the Tanoa terrain, gives an estimated release date, and drops the welcome news of an upcoming 3D Editor.

According to the trailer, the Pacific terrain style was just one of three under consideration at first. The other two being Nordic-style and an Australian desert. In the end, Tanoa’s Fiji-inspired landscape won out. Bohemia also mention that they’ve had Pacific terrain projects cancelled in the past, so Arma 3 is a nice way of resurrecting that intent.

There’s a new look at some of Tanoa’s important geographical locations, like the imposing volcano, the mineral mine, industrial port, sugar cane factory and fields, as well as, of course, the dense jungle foliage. Bohemia sent a couple of people to Fiji in order to study the landscape there and give Tanoa an authentic look.

Right now, the Arma 3 expansion is planned for the “first half” of 2016. Along the way, the mentioned 3D Editor will be getting a release as well. This reddit thread contains comments confirming that it’ll be free to anybody who owns Arma 3.

hard west

Hard West gritting teeth for an autumn launch

Supernatural western Hard West is moseying towards an autumn launch.

Hard West is a Kickstarted turn-based tactical game in a Weird West setting, where gunslingers face off against spirits, demons, and blood sacrifice. Guns kill in one or two hits, so using cover (and showing off via ricocheting bullets) is key to your continued survival in this brutal setting.

Hard West raised $94,183 CAD when it hit Kickstarter, which netted it a trio of stretch goals – Steam Early Access, Mac and Linux versions, and another eight scenarios that prolong the game buy a couple of hours. And yes, I backed it.

The Kickstarter reckoned the game would be out in August 2015, so the newly announced launch window of “autumn 2015″ is actually surprisingly close.

zombi (4)

ZombiU reborn as Zombi on PC

The 2012 WiiU title ZombiU will be getting a digital-only transfer to the PC on 18 August, along with a slightly shorter name. It obviously won’t have any of the external GamePad integration found in the WiiU version, but Ubisoft swears blind that Zombi will be “optimized” for its new platforms.

At this stage there isn’t much in the way of what that might mean. Higher resolutions? Probably. 60fps and up? Possibly, but it doesn’t say. The ability to turn off the horrible chromatic aberration effects found in the gallery below? Hopefully.

Zombi sticks you in a plague-riddled London, in which the dead are coming back to life and have the audacity to roam around Buckingham Palace. No respect for royalty, these zombies. It’s a survival-horror type experience, in which death for your character is permanent. Once you’ve been munched by zombies, you’re tossed into the body of a new survivor.

At that point, it’s up to you whether to go after your old (now walking) corpse and try to get your painstakingly collected bag of stuff back, or just begin scrounging anew.

People more knowledgeable about the original Zombi than I have commented that the trailer for this new version features a few additional weapons not present in the original, so that’s something to look out for.

Warframe Echoes of Sentient video shows all the new updates

Warframe Echoes of Sentient video shows all the new update 17 features

Digital Extremes are back with another update video for Warframe focusing on the Echoes of Sentient game update 17.

This next update is feature-packed and comes with the obligatory new Warframe called Equinox, but there’s also a new parkour movement system which will make players think more about how they move around the levels.

New weapons are also being added and these include the Harpoon weapon The Harpak and the Kulstar torpedo gun. The new underwater tileset is also being added in this update which means there’s new enemies to shoot. Oh, there’s also capes.

The update should be released at some point today and you can check the teaser site if you missed that.



Act of Aggression Superweapons Trailer

Act of Aggression Superweapons Trailer

Eugen Systems have released a new trailer for their upcoming  real-time strategy title Act of Aggression. The trailer shows off the superweapons of the three factions.  The US’s Peacekeeper (nuke), The Chimera’s Omega Blitzer (massive railgun) and finally the Cartel’s THOR control center (ion cannon like affair).

Act of Aggression is available for pre-order now which will give you instance access to single player skirmish and multiplayer.

I’ve been playing this over the past two days and I want to play more – I have the attention span of a cat so I always take this as a good sign.  There is plenty of variety in the units, the tech trees aren’t convoluted and there’s scope for bold attacks or employing sneakier tactics. It puts me in mind of my Command & Conquer days.

Act of Aggression is due for full release on September 2.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect escapes Early Access in October – Alpha 35 update

It feels like Prison Architect has been serving considerable time at Her Majesty’s Early Access Pleasure (the first alpha was all the way back in 2012). But after a very long stint in Steam’s pre-release-but-also-sort-of-released limbo, the game is at least likely to come out feature-packed and fairly bug free.

Parole is coming up, so that release date is not far off.

Budding prison builders who are are ready to get stuck into the final game will be able to start constructing their penitentiaries in October – though there’s no exact release date beyond that just yet.

Meanwhile, Alpha version 35 is the latest Prison Architect update. As usual, that means the Introversion guys are back with one of their excellent development update videos along with a fistful of patch notes (which can be found below).

– Gang Leaders

  • Sometimes a Legendary prisoner who arrives through Intake will also be a gang leader.
  • They will immediately assume control of their gang, and will establish a leadership hierarchy.
  • Can promote gang members into Lieutenants, up to a maximum of 1 lieutenant per 10 soldiers.
  • Can recruit non gang members into the gang. (Must visit the prisoner first)Gang members are fiercly loyal to their leaders:
  • They will become angry (temperature increase) if their leader is being punished in Solitary or Lockdown
  •  If a gang leader is killed, the entire gang will immediately try to start a riot

– Gang Territory Capture

  • Gangs will attempt to take control of key areas of your prison.
  • The attempt is called a ‘Play’, and is led by a Lieutenant.
  • He will gather a group of gang members together and give them instructions.
  • The soldiers will then proceed to the zone in question, and assert their authority over that zone.
  • If they are unchallenged, the territory will turn their colour and they will have ownership of it.
  • The player cannot build or change room setups within gang territory

– Captured Territory

  • Once captured, territory shows up in the Gangs view as the colour of the gang who has claimed it
  • Rival gang members are not permitted into the territory
  • Non gang members can enter the territory and use the facilities (eg Phones), but must pay Protection Money to the gang
  • Gangs accumulate money from non gang members this way, and will use the money to buy equipment such as stolen weapons
  • From time to time a lieutenant will arrange a ‘Play’ to revisit the territory with a group of soldiers, as a show of force.

– Contested Territories

  • Sometimes a gang will be strong enough to take a territory from a rival gang.
  • They will only attempt this if they have sufficient numerical advantage.
  • A lieutenant will arrange a Play and will send enough soldiers to take the territory by force.

– Eviction

  • Once a gang has claimed a territory, they must be Evicted to remove their influence.
  • Click on the EVICT button in the gang view to begin this process.
  • Any gang members within the territory will immediately turn hostile.
  • Nearby gang lietenants will arrange new ‘Plays’ in an attempt to re-capture their territory from your guards.
  • Once you have defended the territory for 24 hours, the ownership reverts to ‘Unclaimed’.

 Securing a territory

  • With enough guards, you can protect a territory against any gang control.
  • Nb this can only be done with an unclaimed territory – any gangs must be evicted first.

Security Rooms

  • Security rooms also count as territory, and are automatically guard controlled.
  • Guards can project their power from security rooms to any neighbouring territory.
  • Eg a security room with 10 guards inside will ‘project’ 10 guards onto all neighbouring yards, common rooms etc.
  • Nb. ‘Neighbouring’ means there must be a door between the security room and the yard/common room.

Contraband trading

  • All prisoners can now trade their stolen contraband with other prisoners for money.
  • Prisoners will sell items they don’t particularly want, and use that money at the shop or to buy other items from other prisoners.
  • The price of any item is based on the supply and demand of that item within the prison.
  • The approximate trade prices of all items can now be seen in the Intelligence / Dangers view.

Ranged Weapon accuracy

  • All ranged weapons have had their accuracy nerfed (previously 100% for anyone).
  • Tazers: 60% accuracy
  • Tazers used by Armed guards: 70% accuracy
  • All other ranged weapons: 70% accuracy
  • All other ranged weapons used by Armed guards: 90%

 The following rooms now all require Prison Labour to be unlocked:

  • Shop
  • Library
  • Mail Room

Additional Contraband can now be stolen from the following rooms:

  • – Forestry : Saw / Axe / Spade
  •  Guard deployment screen now uses same layout engine as Jobs
Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer first gameplay footage released

Creative Assembly has finally released gameplay footage for Total War: Warhammer, which shows the Battle of Black Fire Pass.

This video was first shown at E3 but was not publicly available until now. The video features a battle between the Empire led by Emperor Karl Franz and a Greenskin horde led by Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide.

According to the video itself, this battle will be part of the Empire’s quest-line, triggering once Karl Franz is sufficiently levelled up. This suggests Total War: Warhammer will have slightly more of a narrative structure than the more open-ended battlefield affairs seen in previous Total War titles.

Commentary is included so you know exactly what’s going on as the two forces clash on the battlefield. The battle is described as scripted, and is denoted as alpha footage. So it’s work-in-progress stuff to an extent.

Interesting features on show include flying units in combat, powerful spells (with the caveat that Creative Assembly don’t want to make these too overpowered,) and first person unit control on the flying Doomdiver unit. You’ll also see plenty of classic Warhammer units in action, like vomiting trolls, Imperial Outriders, and Wyverns.

Total War: Warhammer will be with us in 2016.

Rocket League

Rocket League hits 5 million downloads

Who would have guessed that taking a bunch of small cars, throwing them in an arena, and adding a large ball would prove so popular?

Psyonix’ Rocket League launched back on 7 July and it’s proved a massive hit with PC and console gamers proving that gameplay is everything.

This evening Psyonix revealed that Rocket League has been downloaded a whopping 5 million times since launch.

AMAZING! More than 5 MILLION downloads since we launched on July 7! Your continued support for our game is truly humbling.

SteamSpy puts the number of PC Rocket League downloads in the 500,000 range, which is not too surprising given that it was a PS Plus giveaway on PS4.

Could this be the overall GOTY? Could Rocket League win football game of the year instead of FIFA 16? It is just football you know, which is why it’s great to see that a twist on the great game can be enjoyed by so many.

The game will be receiving an update in the not too distant future along with the new free Utopia Colisseum DLC as Psyonix start experimenting with different arena layouts which will be interesting.

Nvidia GeForce Windows 10

Nvidia GeForce Windows 10 Driver 353.62 released

Hot on the heels of the AMD drivers earlier today, Nvidia has released their own new Nvidia GeForce Windows 10 driver, the 353.62 – WHQL update.

According to Nvidia this newGame Ready driver includes bug fixes, tweaks, and more optimisations should you have made the jump to Windows 10.

There are both 64-Bit and 32-Bit drivers from the Nvidia camp and you can select your option from the main Nvidia GeForce Driver page. The drivers cover the Nvidia 400 series up to the 900 series. There’s not much else to go on as far as specifics are concerned but best to grab the new drivers to squeeze the most out of your Nvidia card. This Nvidia GeForce Windows 10 driver update reads:

NVIDIA has been working closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 10 and DirectX 12. Coinciding with the arrival of Windows 10, this Game Ready driver includes the latest tweaks, bug fixes, and optimizations to ensure you have the best possible gaming experience.

PC Invasion Podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #9

It’s a packed podcast this week as the PC Invasion team come to terms with Windows 10, discuss the latest goings-on in the PC news world and talk through some games (The Swindle and Act of Aggression among them.) There’s also a particularly spectacular German language joke at the start.

You can stream or download the latest podcast episode below, or look up older episodes in our Podcast Archive.

There’s Windows 10 chat, vague attempts to slander DOTA 2 International teams with Adderall discussions, a nod at Steam’s major security blunder this weekend, SHOCK at Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to the PC, and much speculation about the removal of skills in Fallout 4 and what broader effect this might have. Plus, extreme excitement (well …) at the news of World of Warcraft getting another expansion. And some hot analysis of the US political landscape, for some reason.

From the lovely land of games, Tim has been playing around with Size Five’s The Swindle. He and I have both been getting up to no good in the amazing Way of the Samurai 4, and I’ve also dabbled in some Jotun (as this preview can atest.) Paul’s been doing the RTS dance once again, this time with the beta version of Act of Aggression.

Enjoy all of that, and probably more besides, in PC Invasion Podcast Episode 9.

world of warcraft

World of Warcraft getting a new expansion, reveal at Gamescom

This is a slight case of “most of the story is in the headline” I’m afraid, as there’s not a huge amount of additional information besides the fact that, yes, Blizzard says World of Warcraft is getting a Gamescom expansion reveal.

It’ll be happening live in Cologne, Germany on 6 August at 9am Pacific Time (so, uh, about 5pm in Germany, I think?) But if you don’t happen to be there, it’ll also be live-streamed.

More details about how to watch that will apparently be coming from Blizzard’s dedicated Gamescom page. I’d imagine said page is the one they’ll be using to stream their World of Warcraft stuff.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut explained in new trailer

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut explained in new trailer

As previously announced by NeoCore, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing trilogy is getting combined into a ‘Final Cut’ package in September. This will allow you to play through the entire game as one of the six classes introduced in the third part, and things like that.

Happily, people who own all three parts of the original trilogy will get Van Helsing’s Final Cut for free. I’m not sure what happens if you own, say, two out of three.

Anyway, a new trailer offers a bit of an overview of the changes. You can watch it below.