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The Witcher 3 magics up some new Gamescom screenshots

13 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
The Witcher 3 magics up some new Gamescom screenshots

are going to keep us waiting for that extended gameplay footage, but in the meantime here are more Witcher 3 screenshots. As far as I know these ones haven’t been seen in the wild before. I’d definitely remember some of these faces.

the witcher 3 (1)

This lad here looks to have some problems. He can’t decide whether he’s alarmed, sneering or disgusted. Hopefully Geralt can help out in some way.

the witcher 3 (3)

No Geralt, setting people on fire isn’t always the best way to help them.

the witcher 3 (2)

Better escape on horseback before anybody finds those charred corpses.

the witcher 3 (5)

Oh god, he’s surrounded by fire again. Lady, you don’t realise what kind of risk you’re taking here.

the witcher 3 (4)

The ultimate expression of “welp.”

The Witcher 3 is coming out in February 2015. There’ll be some sort of extended gameplay footage released later this week, probably in multiple parts. If you missed the setting-based video released earlier in the week, you can watch that here and get a primer on the Witcher world.


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