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The Walking Dead S2 Episode 5 finale trailer

21 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
The Walking Dead S2 Episode 5 finale trailer
walking dead season 2 no going back (1)

No Going Back. Unless you replay it, or something.

’s second season of will conclude next week with Episode 5, the finale. Specifically, the PC version will be released on 26 August through Telltale’s own online distribution method, Steam and wherever else it can be digitally purchased.

In conjunction with that release date news, Telltale has released a five minute Walking Dead S2 Episode 5 trailer. As you can imagine, this contains a whole host of spoilers for previous episodes. In fact, this one doesn’t just spoil previous episodes in this season, but things that happened in the first season as well. So, you know, just avoid it completely if you don’t want that happening.

There aren’t any spoilers for the finale itself. Because that would be silly.

The reason it spoils so much is because the first half is basically a chronicle of Clementine’s tremendously jolly … sorry … REALLY AWFUL Walking Dead adventures to date. For the second half, it switches to a home movie type scene from happier times.

So, Tuesday is when it all concludes (on PC at least,) which is a bit sooner than my estimation of early September in the previous news post about the game. Even though it’s the finale, Episode 5 may not entirely wrap up Clementine’s story. Telltale has already confirmed a third season of The Walking Dead, so it’s possible we’ll be seeing Clem again. Unless, of course, the unthinkable happens.

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