Star Citizen reaches $51 million. Another $1 million in two days

18 Aug 2014 by Paul Younger
Star Citizen reaches $51 million. Another $1 million in two daysStar Citizen

Star Citizen

has pulled in another million proving that the Gamescom reveals have impressed backers.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the funding ticker over on the official website because we had feeling that after the Gamescom reveals and videos there would be an influx of cash coming Cloud Imperium’s way.

So what are backers getting now that this new goal $51 million has been reached? Actually, we’re not quite sure because the site simply says [REDACTED]. Now we do know that [REDACTED], or Illfonic  to give the developer an actual name, are working on the FPS portion of the game which was teased in a video at Gamescom.

Could we be actually getting our hands on some FPS action soon? Has Chris Roberts just run out of feature ideas? We’ll have to wait for the Gamescom dust to settle and let the teams recover from what was a very successful event for Cloud Imperium. No doubt we’ll find out in the next 48 hours.

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