Star Citizen backers get a free hangar poster in time for Gamescom

9 Aug 2014  by   Paul Younger
star citizenstar citizen

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Gamescom is just around the corner so why not decorate your hangar.

Cloud Imperium will be taking Star Citizen to Gamescom again this year for more reveals. To celebrate backers are being awarded a posted for their hangar and 1000UEC has been credited to all accounts to make the purchase.

Every backer can pick from two designs which are based are “2944 Murray Cup racing posters” which feature the M50 and 350R, and a Constellation poster celebrating the soon-to-be-revealed Constellation lineup. These are not compulsory purchases and the UEC that would cover these can be used for something else if you want. A better laser setup might actually be more useful which is exactly what I have done with my UEC.

If you want to decorate and make the hangar more homely these will sit nicely alongside other posters and that fish tank.

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