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Sniper Elite 3 asks you to Save Churchill, Part Two

21 Aug 2014 by Tim McDonald
Sniper Elite 3 asks you to Save Churchill, Part Two
Sniper Elite 3 Save Churchill Part 2 - 04

Just like Mario!

The second part of ‘s Save Churchill DLC campaign has been released, along with a trailer and some screens.

Part two, titled Belly of the Beast, sees you – as Sniper Elite 3 man – head into the mountains of north Morocco. You’re tasked with infiltrating an Axis facility creating new and lethal weapons, and dealing with the elite unit of soldiers being formed there. One of the members of said unit is Raubvogel, a German sniper apparently behind the plot to kill Churchill, so this is a pretty good opportunity to find more details on the planned assassination.

Also, if my German is up to scratch (it’s not), Raubvogel means something like “Bird of Prey.” I am sure that you will all correct me in the comments and tell me that it actually means something like Liquorice Spoon, though.

Sniper Elite 3 itself was really rather good, although I haven’t had a chance to fiddle with the DLC yet. If you fancy giving it a go, you can pick up the second part of the Save Churchill DLC for £4.99 over on Steam, or grab the Season Pass for £24.99 if that’s more your sort of thing. Yes, £24.99, but it doesn’t just include Save Churchill – it also offers a bunch of weapon packs, the Hunt the Grey Wolf pre-order mission, and some other whatsits.

As you may or may not expect, some new screens and a trailer are below!

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