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PES 2015 missing PC visuals detailed by Konami

22 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
PES 2015 missing PC visuals detailed by Konami
pes 2015 (4)

All of this should look the same, at least.

surprised and frustrated a lot of PC users when it revealed last week that the PC version of would actually look worse than the Xbox One/PS4 releases. A more specific list of differences has now been confirmed by the company, so we can take a look at what we’ll be missing out on.

In a reply on the official PES 2015 Facebook page, it is confirmed that “PC and New Gen versions are the same apart from the following items.”

• Elapsed time – Show brightness/shadow change from real time lighting according to the match time of day
• Crowd improvement – Crowd variety to be increased by 10 times
• Player lighting to be improved through differed rendering
• Improved shirt quality – Weave variety added
• Enhance depth of field

Now, those aren’t huge differences (thankfully,) but I never thought I’d see the day when a game is being released with better overall lighting on the Xbox One than PC. It’s the principle of the thing. The PC clearly isn’t lacking the power to do any of the above effects so … why are they missing? It’s bizarre.

Konami also note that “gameplay, animations, modes etc etc exactly same,” which is a relief.

PES 2015 is coming out for PC on 13 November. The consoles are getting a demo in mid-September, but that doesn’t appear to be coming to the PC at all.

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