Obsidian Pathfinder banner spotted at Gen Con

12 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
Obsidian Pathfinder banner spotted at Gen Con
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Well hello there.

RPG news is always good news, so this recent sighting of a banner with their name on it is intriguing. There’s a long tail to the source of this story so bear with me. I saw it on Neogaf, who spotted it on enworld.org, who in turn attribute it to a now removed photograph from a Pathfinder Facebook page.

The photo was apparently taken at the Indiana ‘Gen Con’ tabletop gaming convention (hence all of the Pathfinder banners.) It would appear to indicate that Obsidian will be doing something with the rule-set in the near future.

Pathfinder is not a game I’ve personally played before, but it’s apparently a modified version of the 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons rule-set. Obsidian is currently finishing development of their Kickstarted RPG , but recently released the South Park RPG and would, presumably, be working on unannounced projects at the present time.

As an aside, whenever I’ve listened to interviews with the Obsidian team (Chris Avellone, etc) they tend to mention that they’ve been playing games of Pathfinder. So it’s clear the game is something of a favourite.

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