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Latest Humble Bundle is all about games from Japan

8 Aug 2014 by Tim McDonald
Latest Humble Bundle is all about games from Japan

mitsurugi kamae

Another week, another weekly Humble Bundle – and this one’s all about games from Japanese developers. Naturally, this means that some of them are off their trolleys.

For the price of $Whatever, you get your hands on Unholy Heights, One Way Heroics, and Gigantic Army. Unholy Heights is an okay-ish management game in which you play as the devil running a housing complex for monsters. One Way Heroics is an excellent one-way roguelike that’s perfect for a 20-minute break. Gigantic Army is a side-on mech shooter that is quite a lot like Cybernator or Front Mission: Gun Hazard.

Opt to pay $6 or more for your and you also get cavern shooter Pixeljunk Shooter, action RPG Ys: Origin, and fast-paced arena brawler Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae. Which is sort of like Devil May Cry‘s Bloody Palace mode, if you remember that.

Finally, if you drop $10 or more, you’ll get the ludicrously fast-paced SHMUP Astebreed. It looks bright and pretty, and it doesn’t appear to be a bullet hell game. Haven’t played it, but it’s reportedly a bit of alright.

Not a bad Humble Bundle, honestly, and probably worth considering if you’ve got a bit of cash to spare.

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