IncGamers Podcast #178 with Solarix Producer Mark Gregory

27 Aug 2014  by   Peter Parrish
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Bet there’s a lizard in there.

This week the IncGamers Podcast team increases by one, as we’re joined by Solarix producer Mark Gregory to discuss the game’s continued development following the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. He guaranteed our interest by cunningly dropping the words “Thief” and “System Shock” in the conversation.

We chat to him about PC indie development and the interesting challenges of working with a team spread out across the globe.

Happily, Mark also sticks around to discuss the regular news portion with us, so we get to ask him about lizards. And DDoS attacks. But mostly lizards. The attacks persisted across the weekend, taking down Blizzard titles, League of Legends, EVE Online and several others. Can anything stop this reptilian menace?

Elsewhere, Twitch.TV was picked up by Amazon in a surprise twist of acquisition. We’ll chat about what this means for streamers, and whether Amazon is a better prospect than Google.

This week, Paul’s been impressing himself with the Nvidia Shield Tablet, Tim’s been exploring Shadowgate, and I’ve been attending the thrilling Pullman Lentil Festival (shut up, it’s good.)

Listen to or download the podcast, below. You can find more podcast episodes in the IncGamers archives and a couple knocking about on iTunes.

You can learn more about Solarix at the official site or on Steam, and more about the Pulsetense Games team here.

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