IncGamers Podcast #177

19 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #177

What a game.

It’s the post-Gamescom IncGamers , which means dealing with the bits and pieces of the show that followed our Gamescom special. As well as the additional pieces of news divulged since that time.

If you’re a person who enjoys spending hundreds of dollars on imaginary space ships for a game that isn’t out yet, then the Gamescom presentation was probably to your liking. Paul did the full write-up over here, but the podcast is another chance to discuss what Chris Roberts demonstrated to his eager congregation.

EA, meanwhile, now have a more skeptical fan-base on their hands after all the negative publicity surrounding the release of . In (presumably) an effort to keep release day negativity to a minimum, the company is restricting review access until launch. Oh dear.

Elsewhere, manages to combine the horrors of DLC Season Passes, pre-orders and Early Access into one foul package, while makes another flirty pass at the PC community. It probably won’t work.

We then reach the main event. Tim talks us through potential game of the forever, . Not only is it a note-perfect film license (see above,) it also has spectacular combat (see above,) amazing graphics (see above) and an all-star cast (see … well, that one doesn’t quite work.) I’ve been playing beta. A game that’s actually good.

Listen to or download the podcast, below. Locate more episodes in the IncGamers Podcast Archives, or at the not IncGamers iTunes.

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