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IncGamers Gamescom Podcast Special

15 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Gamescom Podcast Special

I have a lot of learning to do for this series.

Guten tag! We’re … not actually in Germany for , so I don’t know why I would even write that. Hello. This is the IncGamers Special, in which we discuss the many and various PC-related news happens of the past few days.

You will hear confused and rambling incisive discussion on the matter of ’s timed exclusive (so … not exclusive, then) nature. We’ll also be wondering whether the PS4 announcement of spells wonderful things for the PC version, or just more delays for both of them.

is back from the dead as a publishing arm of Activision, with plans to put out Geometry Wars 3 and King’s Quest. To our surprise, Lucid Games (former Bizarre people) seem happy to work with Activision again. The publisher who unceremoniously killed their studio. Huh.

Over in the EA corner, there was an alarming and perplexing live demo of and an equally confusing reveal of BioWare’s game. Don’t ask me to explain how that game works, because even after watching the presentation and reading the official website I still have no idea. That’s possibly just due to idiocy, though.

Speaking of The Sims 4, Maxis recently explained why the game can’t do swimming pools. Short version: GlassBox is a rubbish engine. Remember SimCity’s tiny city sizes? Yep. GlassBox.

Paradox remember those city sizes too, and have poked fun at them with the announcement of Cities: Skyline a city builder with a mega sized map, lots of modding capabilities and an offline mode. Sort of the anti-SimCity, really.

Metal Gear Solid V was announced for PC, which gives me an opportunity to show my total lack of series knowledge and Tim a chance to explain (some of) it to me. Don’t worry, we’re not going to try to summarise the whole plot. That would be madness.

And finally, I guess has some legitimate news to share this week. It’s not about making loads of money, for once.

Mid-way through this podcast broadcast I get attacked by bee sounds, and towards the end Paul is apparently abducted by aliens. So that’s quite eventful, too.

For all of that nonsense, stream or download the latest podcast episode below. You can find more episodes in the archives, and the past few releases over on iTunes as well. If you like us, please say nice things on iTunes. Only if you’re not too busy. It helps. Ta.

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