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H1Z1 videos demonstrate air drops and features

16 Aug 2014 by Paul Younger
H1Z1 videos demonstrate air drops and featuresH1Z1


Stuff is going to be falling from the sky in SOE’s zombie survival title and not everyone is happy about it.

SOE has revealed there will be air drops in H1Z1, an idea no doubt borrowed from RUST. Aircraft are going to spawn and release crates into the game world and players will have¬†to dash to retrieve the contents. As you’d expect, as soon as these are spotted there’s going to be players fighting over who gets to open the box.

Not everyone is happy about the news, some members of the community feel that these aircraft spawns just don’t fit in with the idea of a group of survivors trying to make their way in a devastated and zombie infested¬†world. Where are these planes coming from? Is there some sort of military still operating? Those are questions we can’t answer but no doubt SOE will weave something into the game’s lore to explain why they are operating and dropping these mystery crates.

There’s still no date for the Early Access version of the game but that will no doubt be revealed in the weeks ahead. It will probably be far from perfect when it does arrive so be prepared for that.

Watch the trailer for the air drop feature which is also accompanied by a new highlight reel.

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