Gamescom 2014 conference and event schedules – These are the times you need to know

11 Aug 2014  by   Paul Younger
Gamescom 2014Gamescom 2014

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Gamescom 2014

Gamescom kicks off this week and there’s plenty to watch out for.

The following events and conferences schedules will take place over the next few days so take a note of these so you don’t miss a thing. We have included the Sony and Microsoft events in the list also in case there are any titles that will also be heading to the mighty PC.

Monday 11 August

Call of Duty multiplayer reveal with Sledgehammer Games 


Call of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare

Tuesday 12 August – Microsoft

5AM PST / 8AM EST / 1PM GMT /2 PM CET – Watch on  Microsoft or Twitch

Tuesday 12 August – Sony

10AM PST /1PM EST / 6PM GMT /7 PM CET – Watch on  Sony or Twitch

Wednesday 13 August – EA

1AM PST / 4AM EST / 9AM GMT /10 AM CET – Watch on

Expect to see more on FIFA 15, The Sims 4, Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age : Inquisition, Dawngate and probably some new stuff too.

Friday 15 August – Star Citizen

11AM PST / 2PM EST / 7PM GMT /8PM CET – Stream information to be revealed.

We’ll be making sure any important announcements or media are all posted up on the site so stick with is this week, it’s going to be rather busy.

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