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FIFA 15 PC demo may appear 9 September

25 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
FIFA 15 PC demo may appear 9 September
FIFA 15 demo maybe

Your possible demo line-up.

FIFA site Fifauteam seem convinced they have the demo release date and team information. What they’ve posted is difficult to confirm, as while it seems plausible enough, it could also just as easily be constructed from guesswork.

According to the details they’ve put up, the PC will receive the FIFA 15 demo on 9 September. They even list a specific time, 9.30am, but no time zone to go along with that. Since the demo for FIFA 14 was release on 10 September last year, it’s fairly likely that this year’s effort will be available at around the same time.

Team-wise, the site seems to think we’ll be getting a go with Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Barcelona, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, Boca Juniors and Borussia Dortmund. Many of those teams have featured in prior FIFA demos, so again this is plausible enough. Liverpool and Man City were available to play at Gamescom, so it’d be no surprise to see them among the playable teams.

As usual, the Kick-Off mode will be available for a quick match of three minute halves. Apparently, Anfield will be the venue for the demo this year. The FIFA 15 demo will supposedly let you mess about with Ultimate Team mode a bit, too.

If we receive any official confirmation from , you’ll read it here.

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