Facepunch demo another game prototype called Deuce

1 Aug 2014 by Paul Younger
Facepunch demo another game prototype called Deucedeuce


Facepunch are back to show off another new game. Does this mean Rust and Riftlight are cancelled now?

Let’s hope the gaming community stays calm this week because Facepucnch are working on yet another game. After last week’s reveal of Riftlight, this week it’s something completely different, a tennis game.

is not your traditional tennis affair, this one comes with special moves and over the top characters. Developer Ian James is working on Deuce and he’s a bit of a fan of “strong local multiplayer modes”.

Ian is planning a large roster of playable characters and different locations which have been influenced by Street Fighter where the characters that match the locations.  You can see an early prototype in action via the video below and there’s more shots and notes from Ian over on the Deuce developer blog.

The game looks pretty neat but traditionally tennis games on the PC have not fared too well. Perhaps Deuce would be  more suited to the consoles.

Please note that Rust is not cancelled so there is no need to set up another petition.

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