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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Alex Regan talks about voicing the protagonist

1 Aug 2014 by Peter Parrish
Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Alex Regan talks about voicing the protagonist

dragon age inquisition alex wilton regan

will give you a couple of voice options for both male and female protagonists, one of whom is . If you’ve played other titles you might recognise her as Samantha Traynor from Mass Effect 3 or Mhairi and Ser Tamra from the original Dragon Age.

Regan will be providing the British accent option for anybody opting to play as a woman (a US accent will be available too, if you fancy that instead,) and talks about her role in the new video, below. She discusses her decision to use a lower register for the protagonist, and chats about the importance of having the option to play as women in the first place.

You also get to have a look at some line-reading action from inside the Dragon Age: Inquisition voice booth. Exclusive insights into some lines that may or may not make it into the game. Okay, yes, I’m kind of reaching for material there.

Have a watch of it for yourself by pointing your eyes towards the video, below. Dragon Age: Inquisition has been slightly delayed, but will still be showing up in November of this year.

The other voice options will (according to IMDB, anyway) be provided by Sumalee Montano, Jon Curry and Harry Hadden-Paton.

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