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WildStar’s Strain update goes live

1 Jul 2014 by Tim McDonald
WildStar’s Strain update goes live
wildstar blighthaven

Blighthaven: lovely place to visit.

players will have a lot more content to explore as of today, because the Strain Ultra Drop has just dropped.

The Strain Ultra Drop focuses on a horrible infection that’s corrupted Nexus, and has players investigating its origins and its secrets – which might just lead you to learning more about the conflict between the Drusera and the Entity. I don’t really know what most of that means, but there you are.

Thankfully, I can understand the specifics of some of the additions. There are a pair of new level 50 zones, which are the cheerily named Blighthaven and The Northern Wastes. There’s more group content in the form of public mini-dungeon The Nursery and an open-world tower-defence style battle in The Tree of Life. There’s Strain-related customisation in terms of a dozen housing items (“oozing with pustules, boils, tentacles, and eyeballs”), a load of customisation items with new colours, and some horrific mounts.

Also, anyone who activates a retail key for WildStar before 7 July will get a special “Squirg” costume item. Which basically means we’re now back to stuff I don’t understand, again.

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