Watch Dogs TheWorse 0.97 mod is alive and coming soon. Details posted

6 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
Watch Dogs TheWorse 0.97 mod is alive and coming soon. Details postedWatch Dogs

Watch Dogs

If you were concerned there wouldn’t be an update to the  TheWorse mod to improve your visuals, fear not.

There was some drama in the mod forum thread and it was thought there may not even be an update coming and work had halted. The next version, which is 0.97 of the Watch Dogs mod, will be made and should be “1 or 2 days” away from release according to TheWorse. Edit: Indeed, it’s out now.

Why are gaming forums always full of pointless drama?

The new 0.97 version will include the following…

  • Every single detail about lighting changed.
  • Adjusted exposure for day-night.
  • Adjusted SSAO Intensity day-night.
  • Incorporated new enjoyable bloom.
  • **Headlight shadows changes**
  • Adjusted distance, brightness, intensity, height, bias.
  • Adjusted colors, flickering gone.
  • **************************
  • Wind environment optimized
  • Fog adjusted for storm, heavy rain, clear day, clear night, etc
  • Shadow intensity changed according to the tod and weather.
  • Clouds, lensflares, and other textures replaced and/or changed for higher resolution
  • Colorgrading has been changed to adapt the new lighting.
  • Camera angle and height was slighly changed.
  • Civilian density was increased to maximum levels.
  • Xml settings changed
  • Weather changes.

TheWorse points out that all releases prior to a 1.0 release should be considered “beta”. Also note there is another mod which has spun off by Lunayah, so if you want to mess with that too, you can find that here.

We’ll let you know as soon as the 0.97 version goes live.

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