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Totem VR creator True Player Gear changes name

31 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
Totem VR creator True Player Gear changes namevrvana totem

vrvana totem

True Player Gear continue to work on their VR headset but there’s a name change.

No longer called True Player Gear, the company has decided to change its name to (“ver-vana”). Why the name change? They felt that the TPG name was limiting. They explain:

True Player Gear” is long-winded and we’ve heard pretty much every possible permutation of those words. It also caused some confusion at times: “Wait, you guys aren’t making hip hop clothing!?”. But most importantly, we felt it did not reflect our long term vision for the company, which is that VR should not be limited to gaming but also be open to simulations, education, medicine, architecture, etc.

Development of the headset sounds like it’s progressing well with the first public demos having taken place in the past couple of weeks. The demo model included a 1080 LCD screen which they plan on replacing with a low persistence OLED panel within a few months. They also say that porting the head tracking system from their last gen prototype is almost complete.

Vrvana still plan on launching a Kickstarter for the Totem VR headset this summer but a launch date has not yet been revealed.

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