Top-down survival horror RPG Darkwood coming soon – Watch the new video

18 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
Top-down survival horror RPG Darkwood coming soon – Watch the new videoDarkwood


Acid Wizard Studio successfully crowdfunded this horror RPG called and it’s coming to Early Access next week.

There’s plenty of survival horrors but that didn’t put off Acid Wizard Studio who decided to crowdfund Darkwood last year and raised a whopping  $57,323 to get this game made. This is not first person which is pleasant change, it’s all played in true top-down RPG style which I have to say is particularly appealing.

The game is all about survival, exploration and fear set in a dark looking forest in the Soviet Bloc. What sounds interesting about Darkwood is it will offer a “surreal horror experience” and should also appeal to gamers who fancy a bit of rogue-like action.

A trailer for the game has just been released by the dev team which shows how the game plays with exploration, combat and the RPG elements being demonstrated. Later in the video you get to decide whether to fight or run so keep watching and make your choice.

I rather like the look of this one and if Darkwood is something that gets you excited, check out the Steam page.

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