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Titanfall’s Frontier Edge DLC drops from orbit today

31 Jul 2014 by Tim McDonald
Titanfall’s Frontier Edge DLC drops from orbit today


Pilot, prepare for more : the latest DLC pack, Frontier’s Edge, has just dropped from orbit.

Frontier’s Edge adds three new maps to Titanfall. You’ve got Dig Site, which has a lot of sheer rock walls and industrial processing plants; titans will have to walk the narrow paths between them, while pilots can hop about on the rooftops. Export is a map set in an export hub on the side of a mountain, offering both close-quarters combat and some high-up vantage points for titans. Finally, Haven is a beach resort built around a crater lake. Titans can battle it out within art galleries and high-end restaurants, while pilots can use the sheer walls of hotel skyscrapers to traverse the map.

The DLC is apparently available right now for £7.99, or as part of the £19.99 Season Pass which contains all three DLC packs for Titanfall.

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