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Stronghold: Crusader 2 pre-orders available and The Wolf is back

22 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
Stronghold: Crusader 2 pre-orders available and The Wolf is back

Stronghold Crusader 2 - 17

Firefly’s castle sim sequel entices players with bonuses as pre-orders get underway.

Pre-orders for the next Stronghold title are now available on a number of digital retailers including on Steam, the Humble Store and Amazon. Putting your cash down now will will give you…

  • 10% Off Launch Price
  • Exclusive Mini-Campaigns: ‘Justice’ and ‘Freedom Fighters’
  • 10 Exclusive In-Game Shields
  • Bonus Stronghold Kingdoms Power Pack

For fans wanting a few extras, the Special Edition also comes with…

  • Digital Soundtrack Composed by Robert Euvino
  • Digital Artbook
  • Copy of Stronghold Crusader HD on Steam

Firefly has also released a new trailer and are keen to point out that the medieval psycho The Wolf is making a return in Crusader 2.

“Today we have a trio of announcements to make: Pre-orders are now open, there is a brand new trailer of the game at beta stage and The Wolf will return! The team was in agreement that it simply would not be a Stronghold game without a certain lovable medieval psychopath and, while he won’t be the focus of the story this time around, The Wolf will be big part of the game.

The Stronghold community has requested a number of different features over the past year and although we cannot implement each and every one there are certain things that make a Stronghold game. The Wolf is the kind of character that Stronghold players love to siege. Who are we to take that away from them?”

Still in closed beta, the game will release on 2 September.

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