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Star Citizen Arena Commander multiplayer problems being addressed

9 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
Star Citizen Arena Commander multiplayer problems being addressedStar Citizen

Star Citizen

Assuming you’ve made it on to the Arena Commander multiplayer test then the good news is problems are being looked at urgently.

In a lengthy update from Chris Roberts, he’s acknowledged there are some serious issues with the multiplayer of Arena Commander. Players have been experiencing problems such as rubber banding and ” an unacceptable amount of lag”.

To address these problems the development team is now preparing patch 12.5 for launch which “will add both fixes and a new surprise or two”.

Interestingly enough they are not quite sure what’s causing the problems and on Monday morning the team were tasked with finding the problems by reading through all the bug reports. Chris writes:

On Monday morning, the team went into action to determine the root cause for the issue. There were dozens of possibilities, all (or none) of which could be part of the issues we were observing. Bug reports submitted by dedicated backers were our first point for analysis. Like doctors trying to identify a mysterious illness, we looked for common environmental factors. Was there a significant geographic distance between players? Surprisingly, no: in many cases, players with almost no latency between them were still having issues.

They say that tests are looking “promising” with the updates that have now been applied but they won’t know if the fixes have worked until the 12.5 patch has been deployed.

These problems will likely have delayed the release of v1.0 but better to get it right now with the expanded test pool than to plough ahead.

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