Path of Exile’s first comic now available online

30 Jul 2014 by Tim McDonald
Path of Exile’s first comic now available onlinePath of Exile

Path of Exile

The first issue of : The Karui Way is now available online as a digital download.

Path of Exile: The Karui Way is a four-issue comic which aims to detail the backstory for an upcoming expansion, due in August. You can grab the first issue as a digital download for $4 – in ePub, Mobi, PDF, or CBZ format – or you can pick up the Digital Comic Bundle, which contains both the comic and the Lioneye and Kaom masks. That, however, will cost you $20.

If you’re not keen on any of those formats, then I should point out three things. First, all four issues of the comic will be collected and released as a printed graphic novel in early 2015. Second, the digital comic will also be available on Dark Horse Digital, Amazon, and Dynamite Entertainment’s storefront. Third, if I remember rightly CBZ format is just a renamed zip file, so you can always just get it in that format and extract the images manually.

The digital issues are due roughly once a month. Path of Exile itself is a free-to-play ARPG, and if you fancy giving it a go then you can do so by signing up on the official site.

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