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More goodies coming with your Dota 2 Compendium

4 Jul 2014 by Tim McDonald
More goodies coming with your Dota 2 Compendium

dota 2 international

As if the ridiculous amount of stretch goals hit wasn’t enough, have announced that Compendium owners will be getting more stuff.

It’s not necessarily stuff that’s worth getting overly excited about, mind you. Compendium owners should now have a gem in their inventory which will “awaken” when the tournament ends, and depending on their Compendium level, it will be a certain type and will unlock a certain emoticon. Because we really need more emoticons.

For what it’s worth, the Compendium level thresholds are level 1 (Copper), level 10 (Bronze), level 25 (Silver), level 50 (Gold), level 100 (Platinum), and level 500 (Diamond). Earlier tonight, I saw a player who had a level 635 Compendium, which I cannot describe without typing out a string of expletives followed by the word “mental.” And that’s coming from someone who’s not far off the Platinum tier.

dota 2 level 635

you what

In slightly more give-us-your-money news, Valve have also added a bunch more treasures to Dota 2. £1.49 will net you one of the new chests, each of which will grant you a cosmetic set (and, possibly, a rarer set and/or courier) associated with one of the teams battling it out in the International. Sadly, most of them look really nice, so I will probably be dropping some money on these chests before long. Despite her being one of my signature heroes I’m not that keen on the Lina set, but a few of the others are really quite neat. Like the Phantom Lancer set. And yes, I vomited in my mouth a little bit when I typed that.

Unless I’ve missed one, there are four sets of Dota 2 treasures on offer. Treasure of the Tangled Keepsake (sets for Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Elder Titan, Lina, and Nyx Assassin); Treasure of the Eternal Alliance (sets for Templar Assassin, Gyrocopter, Puck, and Phantom Lancer); Treasure of the Elemental Trophy (sets for Queen of Pain, Bounty Hunter, Naga Siren, Nature’s Prophet, and Disruptor); and Treasure of the Cannon’s Fuse (sets for Meepo, Anti-Mage, Slark, and Invoker). They have their own random bonus rewards, too – a mix of wards, sets, and couriers – which I haven’t bothered typing out.

Dota 2‘s tournament is set to take place in Seattle’s KeyArena between 18 July and 21 July. Its current prize pool is at $10,298,239 USD, which means that the first-place team will be taking home a whopping $4.7 million USD. Not accounting for coaches and the like, that means each player of a five-man team stands to win around $947,000 USD. While that pales in comparison to what players of physical sports tend to earn, it’s still a hell of a lot of money.

Pick your jaws up off the floor before you leave, please. You’re making the place look untidy.

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