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League of Legends new champion Gnar teased by RIOT

29 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
League of Legends new champion Gnar teased by RIOTLeague of Legends

League of Legends

There’s not enough champions in so RIOT are adding another one for good measure.

The new champion is called Gnar and he doesn’t look like a happy chap. We don’t know too much about this fluffy bundle of fun but we do know he will be suited to the top lane. Interestingly enough there were champion suggestions both called Gnar here and here by a members of the community back in 2011 and 2012. Same thing as this Gnar? Coincidence? We’ll have to wait and find out what Gnar can actually do when RIOT decide to update next.

A teaser page for this prehistoric yordle is up and running and it’s a little void of information at the moment but you can watch the teaser video and get all excited in advance of more reveals.

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