IncGamers Podcast #174

23 Jul 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #174

podcast 174

Hey, you, listener. Do you know what lanes are? How about carries? If you were thinking motorways and shopping bags rather than then the opening … oooh, twenty minutes or so … of this week’s might be a bit confusing. Or boring. You might also enjoy it. We mention Darude, does that help?

Assuming you’re fine with Dota 2 chat, hopefully our discussion of The International 4’s rather disappointing finale, the incredible and awkward After Party stream and the showcase reveal of the Techies will be up to snuff. We do try.

After all that we squeeze in a bit of news about the 100% totally Vladimir Putin (and his daughter) endorsed Kickstarter project being suspended by, well, Kickstarter. This is a project that’s veered between being a bit dodgy and outright scam territory, so it’s not too upsetting to see Kickstarter step in and do something. Maybe a bit surprising though, because it takes a lot for Kickstarter to knowingly forgo it’s cut of the pledge pie.

Tim also brings us news of a somewhat backward Square Enix Humble Bundle, in which you’re enticed to pay more money for Deus Ex: Invisible War and Hitman: Absolution, when you’ve already got Thief Gold and Anachronox for whatever amount you want. That’s the wrong way around, Square! You want to make people pay more for the good games.

In a curiously ethics based edition of Games That IncGamers Staff Have Played This Week, I’ve been trying to solve socio-economic issues in the fantasy version of India presented by and Tim’s been sort of resolving a hostage crisis in . I say sort of, because “he had to kill a couple of them.”

Have a listen below, or download it for later listening. Other episodes of the IncGamers Podcast can be found in our archives and at iTunes.

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