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IncGamers Podcast #172

11 Jul 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #172


On this week’s rapid-fire IncGamers , you will experience what it’s like when the host only has 25 minutes in which to squeeze said broadcast in. Luckily that doesn’t mean sped-up chipmunk voices, but it does mean a bit less waffling than normal.

Still, it’s 25 minutes of SHEER DISCUSSION GOLD as myself and Tim cover the non-shock announcement of the Grim Fandango remaster for PC, and then spend far too long trying to comprehensively explain the ongoing playoff system. Listen in to find out which DOTA 2 team are a bit like Costa Rica. Or maybe Ghana. One or the other.

Comparing DOTA 2 to the World Cup is the only way I can parse it. I’m sorry.

After that, there’s extra confusion over what exactly is and whether the possible MOBA influence is a good/bad or indifferent thing (hint: nobody knows, because all we’ve seen is a CG trailer and a short interview.)

Then there’s mostly a few minutes of Tim shouting at Cliffy B for being unsure about quite a few things during a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. You’ll also learn from Cliffy which major publishers are bad to work with. It’s all of them! Hooray!

The Wolf Among Us has been a popular playing choice this week. We don’t really discuss it on the podcast much, but you can read loads about our opinions here instead.

Why not do that while listening or downloading said podcast, below. You can find more podcast episodes in our bountiful archives and some at iTunes too.

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