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IncGamers Plays Legions of Ashworld

3 Jul 2014  by   Peter Parrish
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Legions of Ashworld

Luxor the Moonprince stands on the plains of … hey, wait a second.

The Empire of Arath threatens the realm, and only one man can rally theĀ Legions of Ashworld troops to fight back against this impending doom. That man is me. Unfortunately, my tactical genius has seen better days, so my advice is to start learning the Arathi language and try to blend in.

Jugilus’ war game owes much to the great ZX Spectrum title Lords of Midnight, with a similar control scheme and theme of marshalling large forces in a fantasy realm. Rallying the independent lords to your side is vital if you’re to stand any chance against the wave up wave of enemy armies flooding across the Northern borders. The only way to succeed in Legions of Ashworld’s early game is to retreat from your homelands and hope to gather up enough men to stem the unrelenting assault.

Recruiting regional Kings will also rally their vassals to your side, which is rather handy. Meanwhile, armies need to be kept supplied and well-rested if they’re to be any use in turn-based combat.

Co-ordinating your forces, making use of discovered or purchased magical items and striking when the enemy forces are vulnerable are all factors that can contribute to your success or failure.

In the video below, I’m around 14 turns in to the main (and only) Legions of Ashworld campaign with the Empire of Arath closing in on key garrisons on the Western and Eastern portions of the map. Another commander is trying to rally Southern forces for further aid, but will the existing troops be able to hold out long enough for reinforcements to reach them?

Find out below, as IncGamers Plays Legions of Ashworld. The game will be released on 4 July through Steam. Watch in 720p or above for best results.

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  1. +2

    This looks really good! It’s exactly the kind of genre-defying game which made the 80s/early 90s so interesting, something that’s not following a common formula.

    The Steam page notes that it will be moddable, so only having one main scenario shouldn’t be much of an issue.

    July 3, 2014 at 8:27 pm
  2. +3

    It’s ten euros at the game’s own site, so it should be about six pounds in the UK…except that Steam will undoubtedly go one-for-one again.

    It’s a shame that a post in the game’s forum says that GOG has shown no interest in distributing it. I’d like to think that this might appeal to more then just those of us who had Lord’s of Midnight on the ZX Spectrum.

    July 3, 2014 at 9:23 pm
  3. +2

    looks interesting thanks for the video Peter

    July 3, 2014 at 9:29 pm
  4. This really does look like Lords of Midnight, only with more of a wargame focus than an RPG focus. Not that this is a bad thing!

    I’m happy that the quirkier titles from that era are getting revisited, somewhat. I was so joyful when I learned that Midwinter was getting a remake, for instance; I can’t think of another game quite like that. An open-world driving/shooting/gliding game with multiple characters (all of whom respond differently to the other playable characters), recruitment, a war that goes on with or without you taking part, RPG elements… it’s like Far Cry, only freeform, without missions, and with a war continually going on throughout. To my mind that’s how open world games *should* be – not a wide-open world with missions leading you through a linear narrative path, but something where even *doing nothing* has an impact!

    Er. But back on topic, Legions of Ashworld looks neat too.

    July 4, 2014 at 1:14 am

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